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My name is Cidio. I am the Editor at the Calligraphy Community blog This is the monthly update for the Scribe By Night Project.

For my fundraiser the shout outs of gratitude for my top 50 Patrons for helping pay for this project are as follows:

Thank You to pbcwrites, william-michaelis, pattymarq, unhappy-single, runongirl, and drafting-table.

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Dear ScribeByNight “How much funding do you need to run the project. 500 patrons, even at $1 a patron, is a sizable amount of funding.”

Thank you for this excellent question calligifphy.

If I have 500 Patrons pledge $1 per month there will be a $0.30 service fee on every pledge. So if I have 500 $1/month pledges then $350 will be added to my account, which is convenient because my budget is also $350 per month as follows.

  1. Electricity- $150/month
  2. Internet and Related- $150/month
  3. Phone- $50/month

It’s almost like I’ve thought this through already.

The best reason why all of you should support my Patreon fundraiser either by pledging or promoting it is so that I can reach my fundraising goal and stop wasting my time trying to recruit Patrons. I can either continue growing the Calligraphy fandom by about 1300 new followers per month like I was doing, or I can keep begging people for money like a back alley hobo.

I work on this project for several hours every day. I grind away at it from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, but I only have enough time to do one thing or the other. This is a democracy, and everybody gets a vote for how I spend my time.

Cidio, Editor at

Edit: I put the wrong url for a couple of my patrons. It’s fixed now.

I support this because scribebynight is so supportive of the calligraphy community.




If you get this for an artist, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll get laid that night.

Give me this and you wont have blue balls for the rest of your life.

This is a limited edition from 2011. Can you aim a little lower? Like maybe hold my hand for a couple hours if I get you some Crayola crayons.

I used to always want these sets when I was growing up.